Monday 23 April 2012

Boat 607 leaves Blackpool for Crich

Boat 607 being pushed from Hopton Road into Blundell Street by the Unimog
The restored and repainted interior of 607
Boat 607, which has been restored for the Tramway Museum Society by Blackpool Transport for the princely sum of £95,000, left Blackpool this morning for its new home at Crich. The tram was pulled out of the depot and pushed into Blundell Street by a Unimog, before being pushed and winched onto Scotts low loader, which had remained in Blackpool since last Friday when it moved 143 for the LTT. After the trolley base, pole, lifeguards, windscreens and other spares were loaded, the low loader departed for Crich at 10:30.
607 being pushed and winched up the rail ramp onto the low loader
Boat 607 tied down, all spare parts loaded and ready to go
607 bids farewell to Blackpool for the last time, and heads off down Lytham Road for a new life at Crich
607 on the Golden Mile in its last year of service, loading passengers at Central Pier on 25th April 2004
Boats pass at Victoria Street in June 2003, the LTT's 605 is now at Beamish and 607 has found a new home at Crich

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