Thursday 17 September 2015

The Blackpool FC Tram

Centenary 641 sat on its display track at the Pleasure Beach on the afternoon of Thursday 17th September
After the recent removal of Brush Car 627 from the short display track in the centre of the Pleasure Beach turning circle, the spot has now been filled with another tram from the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust collection. Centenary 641 was transported from the fish docks at Fleetwood by Calkeld Heavy Haulage and unloaded at the Pleasure Beach in the early hours of Thursday 17th September. 641 has been decorated with pictures and information celebrating the history of Blackpool Football Club, the windscreens are protected with covers to protect the glass, and the pantograph tower was reunited with the tram later that day in the afternoon. 641 currently looks very scruffy with various bits of plastic sheeting temporarily covering up parts of the sides of the tram, however these are due to be removed at an unveiling ceremony on the evening of Friday 18th September.


  1. Is there any idea on time of this event? Thanks

    1. I believe it was due to take place at 19:00 tonight.