Saturday, 26 September 2015

Blackpool 130th Day One

The highlight of the weekend for many was probably freshly repainted Twin Set 675/685 in a 1960s style livery
The weekend of 26th and 27th September was chosen for Blackpool Tramway's 130th anniversary celebrations, with as many trams from the heritage fleet as possible being used over the two days. The landmark event of the weekend was the re-entry into service of Twin Set 675/685 freshly repainted into a 1960s style green and cream livery, complete with an orange trolley tower. The other debut of the day was Balloon 723 newly stripped of its black overall advertising vinyls, revealing the green and cream colour scheme that was underneath the advert. In addition to the aforementioned trams, 66, 227, 600, 680, 706, 715, 736 and 272/T2 were operating the normal Heritage Tours, with Centenaries 642 and 648 on a Starr Gate service. Two 'B' fleet Balloons were also out for the day, with 711 operating a Hopton Road to Starr Gate shuttle, including a trip through the working tram wash for those people who were booked on the depot tours, and 719 stationed on the siding at North Pier being used as a 130th memorabilia shop. In addition to the action on the Promenade there was also a line-up of trams on Blundell Street, consisting of Brush Car 632, Trawler 737 and Jubilee Car 761. Within the depot confines Coronation Cars 663, 660 and 304 were parked alongside each other on the track fan.

Twin Set 675/685, Bolton 66 and Balloons 715 and 706 waiting to enter service at the Pleasure Beach
Centenary 648 near the Burlington Road tram stop on a Heritage Tour service to Starr Gate
Railcoach 680 and Balloon 723 stationed at the Pleasure Beach waiting their call to service
Balloon 711 just south of the Pleasure Beach while working on the Rigby Road to Starr Gate shuttle service
Boat 227 passing the Sandcastle Waterpark with a good passenger load bound for the Pleasure Beach
706 Princess Alice turning onto the loop at the Pleasure Beach
Balloon 719 in use as the 130th Anniversary souvenir shop at North Pier, with southbound Boat 600 passing by
Balloon 723 southbound at Manchester Square, looking a bit tatty after the removal of its vinyl overall advert
Centerary 642 at Manchester Square while working on the Starr Gate heritage service
Balloon 715 northbound at Manchester Square on a Heritage Tour service to Little Bispham
Twin Set 272/T2 at Central Pier on its way north to Little Bispham
Frigate 736 returning to the depot after spending the day on Heritage Tour service
Open Top Balloon 706 had to be recovered to the depot by Unimog 939 after losing its trolley head
Brush Car 632, Trawler 737 and Jubilee 761 were lined up for display all day in Blundell Street
Illuminated Trawler tram 737 on display in Blundell Street
Jubilee Car 761, belonging to the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust, on display on the Blundell Street track
Coronation Cars 663, 660 and 304 displayed together on the depot track fan at Rigby Road

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  1. I didn't understand why they didn't add a temporary platform beside 719 for easy access