Sunday 27 September 2015

Blackpool 130th Day Two

A varied line-up of heritage trams on both tracks of the Pleasure Beach loop, all awaiting their turn to enter service
The second day of Blackpool Tramway's 130th anniversary celebrations weekend saw another intensive service from the heritage fleet using a wide variety of trams. Newly repainted Twin Set 675/685 was in use again, along with 40, 147, 227, 230, 631, 701, 717, 723, 272/T2 and the Western Train, all operating on the normal Heritage Tours, with Centenaries 642 and 648 in use again on the Starr Gate service. Two 'B' fleet Balloons were also out again, with 700 operating the Hopton Road to Starr Gate shuttle, including a trip through the working tram wash for those people who were booked on the depot tours, and 719 again positioned on the siding at North Pier in use as the 130th anniversary souvenir shop. In addition to the heritage service on the Promenade there was also a line-up of trams in Blundell Street, consisting of Balloons 707, 709 and 720.

Standard 147 at the front of the queue of trams waiting to enter Heritage Tour service on the Pleasure Beach loop
Balloon 700 waiting in Hopton Road to take the first depot tour group of the day to Starr Gate
700 glistening with water after its trip through the tram wash at Starr Gate, with the MD of BTS on volunteer guard duty
Balloon 723 and the Western Train, along with several other trams, await their turn for service at the Pleasure Beach
Centenary 648 northbound on the Starr Gate service passes sister car 641 on display at the Pleasure Beach
Balloon 701 heading north at Manchester Square
Boat 230 heading south in the sunshine with a good passenger load at Manchester Square
Centenary 642 approaching Manchester Square as it heads for Little Bispham
Balloon 717 near Manchester Square heading north towards Little Bispham
Box Car 40 southbound at Central Pier
Fully loaded Boat 227 heading south at Coral Island bound for the Pleasure Beach
Brush Car 631 near Coral Island on a northbound Heritage Tour service
Twin Set 272/T2 operating on the Starr Gate heritage service near Central Pier
Twin Set 675/685 at Central Pier on a northbound Heritage Tour service to Thornton Gate
The Western Train heading south at Central Pier on a Heritage Tour service to the Pleasure Beach
Balloon 719 returning from use as a shop at North Pier, while a group of beach donkeys wait to cross the road
Balloons 709, 707 and 720 were lined up for display all day in Blundell Street
Flat fronted Balloon 707 on display in Blundell Street
Heavily modernised Balloon 720 on display in Blundell Street

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