Sunday 27 September 2015

Blackpool 130th Heritage Bus Tours

Former Blackpool Corporation Leyland Atlantean 362 westbound along Rigby Road on a free heritage bus tour
As part of the Blackpool Tramway 130th Anniversary celebrations, four preserved Blackpool buses operated a free service around the town. The vehicles in use on the heritage bus service were 1967 MCW bodied Leyland Titan PD3 501 (HFR 501E), 1970 Marshall bodied AEC Swift 554 (PFR 554H), 1983 East Lancs bodied Leyland Atlantean 362 (A362 HHG) and Optare Delta bodied DAF SB220 133 (H3 FBT), new to Fylde Borough Transport in 1991. The four buses ran short tours around the Lytham Road, Central Drive and Promenade area.

Former Blackpool Corporation Transport Leyland Titan PD3 501 heading along Rigby Road on a free bus tour
Former Blackpool Corporation AEC Swift 554 heading south along Lytham Road on one of the free bus tours
Optare Delta 133 which was new to Fylde Borough Transport prior to their take-over by Blackpool Transport

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