Sunday 16 February 2014

Seaton Tramway becomes latest storm victim

Replica Blackpool Boat car No 4 southbound on the embankment alongside the River Axe at Seaton in August 2002

The Seaton narrow gauge tramway in Devon has become one of the latest casualties of the stormy weather which has swept across the country over the last few weeks. The tramway runs right alongside the estuary of the River Axe for nearly a mile, and has suffered major damage to its infrastructure, with the trackbed and ballast being washed away for about half a mile and overhead poles uprooted due to the soil being completely washed away from their concrete foundations. The Riverside Depot also suffered from flooding, but the most serious damage is that which has been done to the track and overhead poles. The tramway are planning to run a reduced service between Colyford and Colyton until the trackbed southwards to Seaton can be rebuilt.

Seaton Boat car No 4 seen in August 2002 approaching the Riverside Depot that was flooded in the recent storms

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