Friday 7 February 2014

Heritage Tram Moves

Brush Car 631 on the Pleasure Beach loop, about to return to Rigby Road depot after its short stay at Starr Gate
Following Brush Car 631's visit to Starr Gate depot on 31st January, it returned back to Rigby Road depot on 7th February. Open-top Balloon 706 "Princess Alice" made the reverse journey on the same day, taking the place of Brush Car 631 at Starr Gate depot. 706 was followed by Engineering Car 754 on the way to Starr Gate, both trams being stabled in the running side of the depot. It is only seven days ago that 754 made the move from Starr Gate back to Rigby Road, it's not known how long both trams are going to stay in Starr Gate depot.

As 706 approached Starr Gate the trolley pole dewired after passing across an overhead frog close to the depot
Brush Car 631 departing the Pleasure Beach loop on its way back north to Rigby Road depot
The driver of 706 stows the pole after hooking the trolley pole back onto the overhead wire near Starr Gate
706 within the confines of Starr Gate depot, about to have the trolley pole turned before entering the depot building
Engineering Car 754 being transferred from Rigby Road depot to Starr Gate depot, passing Flexity 009


  1. I must say that 631 looks really smart in your photos. What a pity it doesn't have its original trolley pole tower ( if it still exists) and is it too much to hope for a trolley pole as well? :-))

  2. I don't think it will run with a trolley pole again, but I think there's a good chance that the ugly boxy tower will get replaced.