Thursday, 27 February 2014

Blackpool 346 returns to Brinwell Road

Blackpool PD2 No 346 (PFR 346), parked outside the depot of Oakwood Travel in Brinwell Road, Marton on 27th Feb
A former Blackpool Corporation 1959 Leyland PD2/27 with a Metropolitan-Cammell FH35/24R body made a return to the resort today. Blackpool 346 (PFR 346) has been part of the collection of buses owned by the Lancastrian Transport Trust for several years, latterly the bus has been stored at the LTT premises in Weeton village. 346 survived in operation in Blackpool until 1975, at which point it was transferred to the Illuminations Department as a mobile mess room. The bus was sold for preservation in 1985, after three years of storage out of use, initially being owned by the North West Museum of Transport, the vehicle became surplus to their requirements in 2005 and was sold to the LTT. 346 was towed to Brinwell Road in Marton on 27th February, and was noted parked outside the premises of Oakwood Travel.

346 seen at Bispham in 1981, while being used as a mobile mess room by Blackpool Illuminations Department

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