Monday 3 February 2014

Archway Village 80 in Preston

Archway Travel Dennis Dart MPD X503WRG departing from Preston Bus Station on the morning of 3rd February
Archway Travel's Dennis Dart MPD X503WRG was noted at Preston Bus Station this morning. The previous destination display of "Through the Villages" has been replaced with "Blackpool Preston via Poulton Gt Ecc The Villages Cottam UCLan", the vehicle has also been fitted with a yellow sun visor strip across the top of the windscreen. The wooden destination board has also been repositioned from on top of the dash panel to the top left-hand side of the windscreen.


  1. Repositioning of the wooden destination board from the lower position might have been due to 'the ministry' who stopped me some years ago with a similarly positioned board because it was blocking my view (as driver) of the pavement. Bugger the passengers! my book says no! C'est la vie.

  2. Interesting point, although I suppose it's equally as visible in either position.