Saturday 13 July 2013

Tram Jam at Gynn Square

Flexity 016 at Gynn Square with the ambulance alongside, and southbound 008 and 003 waiting at the tram stops

Shortly before midday on Saturday 13th June, Flexity 016 had just left the Gynn Square stop when a passenger fell over and hurt himself, requiring the tram to be suddenly stopped and an ambulance called for. When the ambulance arrived it pulled alongside 016 and the passenger was transferred from the tram to the waiting ambulance. During the time that Flexity 016 had been waiting for the ambulance to arrive, and the tram finally being given clearance to leave by an inspector, quite a backlog of service cars had built up behind it. Six Flexity trams passed Gynn Square southbound within the space of 10 minutes between 11:58 and 12:08, ie 016, 008, 003, 009, 004 and 006.

Flexity 009 waiting for clearance at Gynn Square with 004 holding behind at the Cliffs Hotel tram stop

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