Thursday 18 July 2013

Topless in Blackpool

F69 SYE negotiating the roundabout at Gynn Square on 13th July, with the Rocket in the background

1988 ex China Motor Bus 12m MCW Metrobus F69 SYE (original fleet number ML81) has now been operating on the Seafront 12 service of Classic Bus North West for nearly four weeks, since 21st June. On 16th July it was decided that it was time to sample the delights of this massive vehicle, while the warm sunny weather is still with is. The Metrobus was fairly lightly loaded during the day, but this made it all the more pleasant for riding on the top deck with unobstructed views all around. CBNW plan to extend the Seafront 12 service from the Pleasure Beach to St Annes with effect from 20th July. This selection of photos were taken on July 16th unless annotated otherwise.

F69 SYE at Cleveleys Bus Station on 24th June, ready to begin the journey south to the Pleasure Beach

F69 SYE stops to pick up passengers in Cleveleys on 24th June

F69 SYE passing southbound Flexity 010 near to the Wilton Parade tram stop

F69 SYE passing the Rocket on the roundabout at Gynn Square

Southbound F69 SYE passing the Metropole Hotel near North Pier on 13th July

F69 SYE passing southbound Routemaster RML 887 running on the Seafront 12 service near Central Pier

F69 SYE dropping off passengers at the Lucky Star amusement arcade opposite South Pier

F69 SYE pauses at the Big Blue Hotel alongside the Pleasure Beach before heading north to Cleveleys

A rear view at the Pleasure Beach shows the full height advert for the Wallace and Gromit themed "Thrill-O-Matic" ride

The vast size of the top deck which seats 60 passengers is seen as the bus pulls into a stop near St Chads Road

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