Saturday 20 July 2013

Back to the Centenary

706 and 648 pose together at Fleetwood Ferry before performing the last run of the day back to Blackpool

The Fylde Tramway Society ran a tour on 20th July using newly repainted Centenary car 648 and open-top Balloon 706 Princess Alice. The format of the tram tour was that 648 and 706 departed North Pier at 12:00 and ran to Fleetwood together, on the return journey the trams split at Bispham, with 648 continuing to the Pleasure Beach and 706 returning to Fleetwood. The rest of the day consisted of a timetabled Fleetwood to Tower shuttle service being run (although passengers could not alight at the Tower). The day wound up with both cars running their last trip together from Thornton Gate to Fleetwood, then back to Blackpool and returning to the depot after 7:00pm.

Balloon 706 and Centenary 648 arrive in Fleetwood on their first run of the day on the FTS afternoon tour

Centenary 648 in Bold Street after arriving on one of its runs from the Tower

Centenary 648 taking its break on the outer loop at Fleetwood while Flexity 015 passes by on the way to Starr Gate

648 loading in Pharos St, displaying slight damage on the corner panel sustained when hitting a bollard on the curve

Centenary 648 stops at Bispham to drop off passengers while heading south to the Tower

Southbound Flexity 003 passes Centenary 648 waiting at the North Pier heritage stop

648 and 706 pass each other at Cleveleys in the late afternoon while running the Fleetwood to Tower shuttle service

706 and 648 shortly after arriving at the Bold Street terminus in Fleetwood at 18:40 behind service Flexity 004

Balloon 706 leads the returning pair of trams through Rossall on the last run of the day from Fleetwood to Blackpool

Centenary 648 approaching Rossall School at 19:00 on its final trip from Fleetwood to Blackpool

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