Wednesday 10 July 2013

Centenary 648 update

Centenary 648 in the Fitting Shop with the paintwork nearly complete, as seen from Blundell Street on 10th July

Centenary car 648 was noted receiving attention in the fitting shop at Rigby Road depot today. The cab end of 648 was visible through the open doorway from Blundell Street, showing that further work has progressed since it was on display in a partly painted condition on Hopton Road on 25th May. The end detailing of the cab is almost finished, with a bumper now fitted and the paintwork with Corporation crest nearly completed, apart from the pale green lining which is still absent. 648 is due to make its public debut on the FTS "Back to the Centenary" tram tour on Saturday July 20th.

651 at Little Bispham in 1985, before it was renumbered to 648 to fall in line with the Centenary numbering system


  1. Thanks once again for some brilliant photo's, the work is very much appreciated and worthwhile. It's also great to see thatg 648 is being restored, and the old rails of Blundell Street put to good use. Wonderful stuff, now I need to get around to re-visiting Blackpool.

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback Ben. Yes it really is worth visiting Blackpool, especially on Heritage Tour weekends.