Thursday 23 May 2013

The Fylde Coast Express

Black Five 44932 powering the Fylde Coast Express at speed through Layton Station at 13:10 on its way to Blackpool
Wednesday 22nd May saw a steam special excursion visit Blackpool North Station. The Fylde Coast Express was run by Compass Tours, beginning from Kilmarnock in Scotland the train was hauled by class 47 diesels to Carlisle, from here Black Five 44932 took over for the rest of the journey to Blackpool. The return trip to Kilmarnock later in the day was hauled by diesel locos 47854 & 47786.

44932 passes diesel 47786 at Blackpool North No 2 Box, waiting to hook up for the return trip to Kilmarnock

Black Five 44932 passing the semaphore signals as it reverses out of Blackpool North Station

Black Five 44932 continues to reverse the Fylde Coast Express out of Blackpool North

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