Sunday 5 May 2013

May Day Weekend Sunday Output

Boat 230 leaving the Pleasure Beach heading for Bispham, on its second  run of the day on the Heritage Tour

Sunday 5th May started out dull and drizzly, so what better tram to chose to send to Fleetwood on the Heritage Tour than open Boat 230! At North Pier the tram soon filled up despite the potentially daunting conditions, 230 then opened the days proceedings with a trip to Fleetwood Ferry and back. Fortunately by the time that 230 made its second Heritage Tour run, this time a round trip to Bispham, the weather was a lot more more suitable for open boating. Balloon 701, which saw use as the snowplough earlier this year, was the second heritage tram of the day, and remained in all day service until the early evening.

Balloon 718 at the Pleasure Beach at 12:40 awaiting its call to duty on specials

The output of specials on Sunday consisted of three Balloons, flat fronted Balloon 707 on all day specials, similar Balloon 718 on morning specials, and 713 which came out as the afternoon changeover for 718, which returned to Rigby Road depot early in the afternoon. Balloon 707 performed the early afternoon run to Fleetwood Ferry from the Pleasure Beach.

Balloon 707 departing from Pharos Street in Fleetwood at 15:00 on its return trip to the Pleasure Beach

Balloon 713, on a special to North Pier, performing a wrong line running manoeuvre in order to reach the crossover

As a result of the positioning of the loading platforms and points on the new light rail system in Blackpool, trams which run as a short working to North Pier have to travel past North Pier to the northbound platform just short of the Metropole Hotel. The tram then has to reverse and run wrong road southbound along the northbound line, until the crossover which is south of North Pier is reached.

Boat 600 passing the Lucky Star amusement arcade as it approaches the Pleasure Beach

An unexpected substitution took place during the afternoon when Boat 230, which had returned to Rigby Road depot, was replaced on the Heritage Tour service by prototype Boat 600 for the remainder of the afternoon.

Balloon 701 exiting Pharos Street at 18:25 on the last Heritage Tour run of the day through to Fleetwood

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