Monday 6 May 2013

May Day Bank Holiday Workings

A, B & C fleet trams lined up at North Pier on 6th May, from the left are Boat 600, Flexity 006 and Balloon 719
Former snowplough equipped Balloon 701 made the first heritage run of the day to Fleetwood Ferry on 6th May and was also joined on the Heritage Tours by Brush car 631. The specials were handled by Balloons 709 and 724 in the morning, with 724 being swapped for 719 during the afternoon. Further tram swaps during the afternoon saw 701 returning to the depot to be replaced in heritage service by Boat car 600, and 719 which was replaced by Boat 230 in order that it could be used for the final round trip to Fleetwood Ferry, duplicating Brush car 631 which was running ahead of it.

701 which made the first Heritage Tour run of the day to Fleetwood, at the unloading tram stop in Bold Street
Balloon 724 on a special working to the Cabin, about to return south using the crossover
631 on a Cleveleys working, waiting to use the crossover while Balloon 709 passes by on its way back from Fleetwood
Balloon 719 on its last run to North Pier before running back in service to Manchester Square and then in to the depot
Boat car 600 with a full load at Foxhall Square, running shuttles between North Pier and the Pleasure Beach
Brush 631 rounding the curve from North Albert Street into Lord Street on the last Heritage Tour run of the day
Boat 230 rounding the curve from North Albert Street into Lord Street, shadowing 631 on the final Heritage Tour run
Brush 631 on the tramroad reservation, heading past Rossall Farm on the last run of the day back to Blackpool

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