Saturday 25 May 2013

Spring Bank Holiday Saturday

The day was wound up as usual with a heritage run to Fleetwood, 706 is seen in North Albert Street just after 6.30pm
Saturday 25th May saw the start of another three days of Heritage Tours and Balloon specials in Blackpool. The star of the show was intended to have been Centenary 648, which was due to have been given an earlier look and feel, by the removal of the advert boards and the receipt of a green and cream paint job. In the event the amount of work that needed doing to 648 meant the tram was not going to be completed in time for the weekend, and Bolton 66 was used as a substitute instead. 648 was displayed on Hopton Road in the afternoon, so that enthusiasts could see the progress of the work so far. Other trams in service during the weekend were 706 Princess Alice, Boats 230 and 600 and widened Balloons 711, 719  and 700.

Boat 600 heading south past North Pier with a light loading of passengers

Boat 230 running North Pier to Pleasure Beach shuttles is seen being passed by Flexity 006 at North Pier

719 was one of the widened Balloons in use on specials during the day, seen here heading south at North Pier

The early afternoon run to Fleetwood was handled by widened Balloon 711, seen here southbound on Lord Street

Although Centenary 648 was not ready in time for the weekend, it was put on display for a while in Hopton Road

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