Monday 21 January 2013

Snowplough 701 in action again

Snowplough 701 between Cavendish Road and Lowther Avenue on its return journey to Starr Gate depot
Today's snow saw snowplough 701 in use again, to clear the system from Starr Gate to Fleetwood Ferry and return. Meanwhile snowplough 723 stayed tucked up inside Rigby Road, parked in front of the electrical bay away from the front of the depot.

Snowplough 701 passing Thornton Gate tram stop on its journey north to Fleetwood

701 takes a short break on the loop at Fleetwood Ferry while Flexity 004 passes by on the way to Starr Gate
701 just south of Cavendish Road this morning, clearing the snow off a cross walkway as it journeys south
701 entering the confines of Starr Gate depot, after traversing round the turning circle


  1. Excellent photos, as usual Alan. Glad we're down here in Shoreham - we didn't get that much snow, thank Heavens. You don't post on flicker any more?

  2. Thanks Alan, there wasn't much snow here either, only about 2 cm of it in Blackpool. I sometimes get a bit behind with updating Flickr, all the photos are on my blog anyway which is what I tend to concentrate on as it has to be topical.

  3. I've finally got around to uploading the last months worth of photos to Flickr, thanks for reminding me about this Alan. I keep forgetting about adding the photos to Flickr as well as my blog.