Monday 21 January 2013

More Snow in Blackpool

Flexity 007 north of Lowther Avenue heading for Fleetwood on the morning of 21st January
After last Friday's light covering of snow in Blackpool, residents woke to snow again this morning, this time though the snow continued on and off all day, reaching about 2 cm deep in the worst hit areas around South Promenade before the thaw set in as temperatures crept above freezing during the morning. The Flexity 2 trams coped admirably with the snowy conditions, with no gaps in the service noticed during the day.

Flexity 008 at the tram stop in Bold Street at 8.20 am, showing that Fleetwood missed most of the snow yet again

Flexity 012 passing the Pharos Street lighthouse in Fleetwood, with just a light dusting of snow on the ground
Flexity 012 northbound through Victoria Square in Cleveleys, which only received a dusting of snow like Fleetwood
Flexity 015 between Cavendish Road and Lowther Avenue bound for Starr Gate
Flexity 015 approaching the Lowther Avenue tram stop, showing that Blackpool received a complete covering of snow
Flexity 009 passing a snow covered Brush 627 at the Pleasure Beach
Flexity 008 approaching the Pleasure Beach along the South Promenade

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