Wednesday 16 January 2013

Catch 22 now running every 20 minutes

Ex Lothian Buses Volvo Olympian P269 PSX southbound on the Catch 22 service in Blackpool on 15th January
From January 14th 2013, the Catch 22 route run by Classic Bus North West increased its service frequency from twice an hour to every 20 minutes. The more frequent service requires an extra two buses to operate it (in addition to the four previously used), enabling a greater cross section of the CBNW fleet to be seen in regular daily service. The Catch 22 service seems to be coming more established with the public, as each of the buses pictured here was carrying passengers, unlike in the early days of the service last year when spotting buses running empty was quite normal.

Recent addition to the CBNW fleet, ex Stagecoach Manchester Volvo B10M R898 XVM, seen at the New Bonny St stop
Ex Blackpool Optare Metrorider P502 UFR headed for Mereside on the Catch 22 in Bank Hey Street on 14th January
Ex Transdev London Dennis Dart X512 UAT stopping in New Bonny Street to drop off passengers on January 15th
Ex Stagecoach London Dennis Dart V163 MVX on the first day of the new 20 minute Catch 22 service on January 14th
Ex Transdev London Dennis Dart X533 UAT leaving the stop at New Bonny Street in Blackpool on January 15th

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