Saturday 5 January 2013

Box Car 40 on tour to Fleetwood

Flexity 013 passes Box 40 stabled on the loop track at Fleetwood Ferry, while the party dine in the North Euston Hotel
The 'Friends of 40' hired Blackpool & Fleetwood Box Car 40 for their annual trip to the North Euston Hotel in Fleetwood today. The invited guests boarded the tram in Hopton Road and the tour then departed from the depot at 11:00. Box 40 headed off north as far as the Foxhall, where the trolley pole was reversed and the tram headed south over the crossover to the Pleasure Beach. After photo stops around the Pleasure Beach loop, including posing on the northbound running track alongside Brush 627, the party headed off to Little Bispham where another photo stop was made on the loop. 40 then headed back south to Bispham, before reversing to continue the journey north. On arrival at Fleetwood at 12:45 the guests disembarked at the stop in Bold Street, the tram then being stabled on the loop track alongside the Ferry buildings for around three hours, while the invited guests dined in the North Euston Hotel. After their lunch the party re-boarded Box Car 40 before heading south to Rigby Road tram depot, where the tour concluded.

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