Sunday 6 May 2012

FTS Convention Weekend Day Two

The Western Train approaching the Pleasure Beach to begin the first service of the day on the Heritage Tour
The second day of the FTS convention weekend promised to quite a special one on the Heritage Tours, with the Western Train expected to be in service all day. The day augured well as it was sunnier and less windy than the Saturday, so when the Western Train duly arrived at the Pleasure Beach for loading just before 10:00, everything seemed to be going to plan. Unfortunately we were informed that the compressor wasn't working, and that the track brakes were being used instead of the air brakes. After loading up we set off northbound, but at North Pier we were sidelined into the loop so that fitters from Rigby Road depot could have a look at our faulty compressor. The tram was deemed to be unservicable, so all passengers had to disembark and board passing Standard 147 which was the other tram operating the tours. The Western Train was towed back to the depot by the Unimog and replaced in service by Bolton 66. After the lunchtime crew breaks at the Pleasure Beach, Bolton 66 was replaced by Boat 600, and 706 'Princess Alice' took over from Standard 147, the weather being ideally suited for the open-top cars.

Bolton 66 was replaced by Boat 600 after the crew break at the Pleasure Beach
Open-top Balloon 706 'Princess Alice' replaced Standard 147 for the second half of the day

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