Friday 11 May 2012

Flexity 014 Arrives

Flexity 2 No. 014 negotiating the junction onto the Promenade at the bottom of Squires Gate Lane
Flexity 014 arrived in the UK via Hull docks on the morning of Thursday 10th May, but was only allowed to travel across the M62 through Yorkshire after the evening rush hour, similarly to 013 two weeks earlier. 014 spent the night at Rivington Services on the M61 near Bolton, then after the morning rush hour had cleared continued the journey to Blackpool, arriving just before noon. The unloading went smoothly, and an hour and twenty minutes after arriving 014 was being driven into Starr Gate depot under its own power.

Flexity 014's transporter waiting for service car 006 to clear the platforms at Starr Gate
The transporter passing Flexity 002, which will be its return load back to Bautzen in Germany
014 passing Flexity 007, which was sat on the headshunt while manouevring in the depot area
The rail ramp assembled in readiness for unloading Flexity 014
Service car 012 passing Flexity 014 on its transporter
014 part way down the ramp with service car 004 passing
Flexity 014 being driven into Starr Gate depot under its own power

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