Saturday 12 May 2012

Flexity 002 departs for Germany

002 and transporter early in the morning of 12th May at Starr Gate, ready for the return trip to Germany

Flexity 002 departed Starr Gate at 0900 this morning for its journey back to Bombardier in Germany. The reason for the return of 002 is not known, although it is rumoured that it may be due to damage caused when the Bombardier factory at Bautzen was flooded, which caused millions of Euros of damage. The transporter had to reverse from its loading position on the promenade, back through the platforms at Starr Gate and across the traffic lights into Clifton Drive, before turning right into Squires Gate Lane to begin its journey across the Pennines to the docks at Hull.

Flexity 008, on the 0830 service from Starr Gate to Fleetwood, passes 002 waiting for its police escort to arrive

Service car 012 about to move out of the way of the reversing transporter

012 had to back onto the turning loop (complete with passengers) in order to allow the transporter to reverse past

002 after reversing across the lights into Clifton Drive, with the St Annes sandhills visible in the background

The transporter turning right through the traffic lights from Clifton Drive into Squires Gate Lane

Manouevring across the central reservation on Squires Gate Lane, not helped by a parked car being in the way

002 approaching the top of the railway bridge on Squires Gate Lane on its way to the M55 motorway

002 and transporter passing the Kirkham junction of the M55 motorway at 0920

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