Friday 11 May 2012

Flexity 002 to return to Bombardier

Flexity 002 about to have its pantograph tied down, ready for transporting back to Germany, with 010 passing by
Flexity 002 is being returned to the Bombardier factory at Bautzen in Germany for attention to unspecified problems. Shortly after newly delivered Flexity 014 was unloaded at lunch time, 002 was driven from the depot yard to the foot of the transporter's rail ramp in readiness for loading. Flexity 002 was winched onto the transporter and tied down, ready for an early morning departure the next day. 002 has been used for several months as a driver trainer, with the occasional foray into passsenger service, so it's unsure as to what problem could be so serious to warrant transporting the tram all the way back to Germany.

002 being winched onto the transporter

002 loaded onto the transporter, about to bid farewell to Blackpool after several months use on driver training

Flexity 002 securely tied down onto the transporter, with southbound service car 004 passing

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