Monday 27 July 2020

The Lost Cast Iron Shelters of Blackpool

Balloon 710 at the former Madison Avenue tram stop in April 2003

Prior to the Blackpool Tramway upgrade in 2012, it was still possible to see a selection of antiquated cast iron bus and tram shelters dotted around the town at various locations. Along the North Promenade, in the Bispham area, there were several old cast iron tram shelters still in use into the early years of this century. Two large cast iron bus shelters also survived, on Lytham Road in South Shore and on Blackpool Road at Carleton. In Fleetwood a badly vandalised cast iron tram shelter hung on at Lindel Road for many years, but the cast shelter adjacent to the Heritage Tram stop at Pharos Street in Fleetwood is now the only remaining example of these fascinating survivors from the pre-streamline tramway era.

The 6-bay cast iron tram shelter at the former Madison Avenue stop in 2003

The small 4-bay cast iron shelter at Lowther Avenue, complete with cast iron guttering

Northbound Brush car 621 at Lowther Avenue in 2003

The old cast iron shelter at the former Leyburn Avenue tram stop in 2003

Balloon 711 northbound at the former Leyburn Avenue tram stop in 2003

The rather vandalised cast iron tram shelter at Lindel Road in Fleetwood in 2003

Brush car 637 at Lindel Road in Fleetwood in September 2003

The only remaining cast iron tram shelter is at Pharos Street in Fleetwood, seen in 2005

A large cast iron shelter at the Carleton Crematorium bus stop near Poulton in 2005

A cast iron bus shelter next to The Burlington pub on Lytham Road in 2005

Preserved Blackpool PD3 501 and the Pharos Street tram shelter during Tram Sunday 2018


  1. Thank you for posting a really interesting and informative item on the "old fashioned" stops. A nice selection of photographs from your archives presenting a trip down "Memory Lane. Many thanks for your effort in compiling it.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, it's something that I've been meaning to do for some time. As there's nothing happening on the tramway at the moment I thought now would be an appropriate time to trawl through the archives.

  2. Very interesting post thank you.
    It’s great you captured so many on camera before their demise!

    1. Thanks, it was fortuitous that I'd just got into digital photography and was looking for things to photograph at the time.