Sunday 19 July 2020

Blackpool Trams are Back

Flexity 016 passing Cleveleys Park Methodist Church on West Drive on the first day of resumed service

A decision was made to completely suspend the tram service in Blackpool on Sunday 29th March, with the parallel number 1 bus route providing an alternative service to the tramway, until it was deemed that it was safe to resume operations.

With the lockdown restrictions easing it was decided to reopen the tramway on Sunday 19th July, but with extra safety measures and social distancing provisions being made.

Some of the extra measures that have been put in place include only using the middle doors to board and alight, fewer seats being available in order to permit social distancing, and less passengers than normal being allowed on the trams, plus of course face coverings must be worn by all passengers on the trams and buses.

Before each tram leaves the Starr Gate terminus it will be cleaned, with frequently touched areas, such as handrails and stop buttons, being sanitised after each round trip from Fleetwood.

Note all the photos shown here were taken on the morning of the first day of service resumption on Sunday 19th July.

Flexity 006 (the first tram of the day) seen at West Drive later on Sunday morning

Flexity 016 arriving at Cleveleys on the Sunday morning

Flexity 001 heading north at West Drive on the first day of service resumption

Flexity 002 arriving at Cleveleys tram stop on Sunday morning

Flexity 006 at Broadwater on the 08:30 from Fleetwood Ferry (the first round trip of the day)


  1. I couldn't help noticing the rusty rails

  2. Well spotted, I hadn't even noticed that as I was just concentrating on getting the photos. I've been so used to seeing the rusty rails for the last few months that it didn't occur to me.