Sunday 19 July 2020

BTS Routes 74 & 75 to Preston

Enviro 570 on the 0847 service 75 from Fleetwood, seen turning onto Bourne Way in Thornton

As of Sunday 19th July Blackpool Transport began operating routes 74 and 75 on behalf of Lancashire County Council, linking Fleetwood and Poulton with Preston and many villages and towns in between. Preston Bus operated the tendered route 75 up until Saturday 18th July.

Route 74 runs from Fleetwood via Thornton, Poulton, Great Eccleston, Elswick, Inskip, Catforth, Salwick to Preston.

Route 75 differs slightly from the Preston Bus version of the route, and runs from Fleetwood via Pheasant Wood estate, Cleveleys, Thornton, Poulton, Staining, Weeton, Wesham, Kirkham, Newton with Scales to Preston.

Blackpool Transport are currently using their long wheelbase 11.8 metre ADL Enviro 200 single-deckers on the route, which are considerably longer than the Optare Solos that Preston Bus used to use on service 75. It remains to be seen whether such long buses are practical for use on these routes, which have many twists and turns through small villages and housing estates.

The Enviro 200 buses being used on the routes interwork between services 74 and 75.

Enviro 570 turning out of Pheasant Wood estate onto Bourne Way on the 1247 from Fleetwood

Enviro 564 on the first service 75 from Preston to Fleetwood, seen on Pheasant Wood estate

Enviro 564 on Pheasant Wood Drive in Thornton heading for Fleetwood

Enviro 575 on route 75 turning from Mayfield Avenue onto Bourne Way in Thornton

Brand new 2020 Enviros 458 and 580 passing each other on Rossall Road in Cleveleys

Enviro 564 on the 1402 service 74 from Fleetwood, seen here on Fleetwood Road North in Thornton

Enviro 575 on the 1202 service 74 from Fleetwood, seen on Fleetwood Road North in Thornton

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