Friday, 24 January 2020

End of the road for Halton Transport

Halton 14, a 2010 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 at St George's Place, Liverpool

Another council controlled bus company is expected to cease trading today. Halton Transport is owned by Widnes council and prior to 1974 it was known as Widnes Corporation Transport. As of 24th January the business is due to close, and 24 of Halton's buses are reportedly being moved to the Gilmoss garage of Stagecoach on Friday night.

The demise of Halton Transport will leave just eight former municipal bus operators in business, Blackpool, Cardiff, Ipswich, Lothian, Newport, Nottingham, Reading and Warrington.

Halton 7, a 2008 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 with MCV Evolution body

Halton 31, a 2002 Dennis Dart SPD with Marshall Capital body

Halton 37, a 2003 Dennis Dart SPD with East Lancs Myllenium body

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