Tuesday 4 February 2020

Tram Replacement Bus Service

Enviro 454 on tram replacement service with Flexity 002 at Fisherman's Walk

At the beginning of February a tram replacement bus service had to be implemented due to welding work taking place on the track. On 3rd February the tram service terminated at Thornton Gate, with the service north of here being operated by Enviro 400 City buses. On 4th February the tram service was turning round at Fisherman's Walk, a replacement bus service operated from here to Bold Street.

Flexity 008 turning short at Fisherman's Walk

Flexities 002 & 008 at the temporary terminus at Fisherman's Walk

Enviro 424 on tram replacement service at Thornton Gate

Flexities 006 and 018 at the temporary Thornton Gate terminus

Tram replacement bus 450 and Flexity 003 at Thornton Gate

Flexity 006 entering the centre siding at Thornton Gate

Track welding taking place on Pharos Street in Fleetwood on 4th February

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