Saturday 18 January 2020

Brush 621 fails on the first 2020 Heritage Gold weekend

Balloon 723 towing demic Brush Car 621 back to Rigby Road depot

Brush Car 621 was rostered as the first Heritage Tour tram to run to Fleetwood on Saturday 18th January, during the first Winter Gold event of the year. On the return journey from Fleetwood to Starr Gate, 621 unfortunately failed while ascending the incline from Anchorsholme to Little Bispham. Northbound Balloon 723 came to the rescue and towed the stricken 621 back to Rigby Road tram depot. Balloon 723 was uncoupled from 621 in Hopton Road, and the Brush Car was towed into the depot by Boat 227. Balloon 723 re-entered service shortly afterwards, and Brush Car 631 replaced demic 621 on the afternoon Heritage Tours.

Balloon 723 towing Brush 621 into Hopton Road

Balloon 723 towing Brush 621 near Foxhall Square

Boat 227 towing 621 along Hopton Road into the depot


  1. Saturday 18th January it means not June

    1. Well spotted, I don't know how that happened :) Now corrected.