Friday 21 October 2016

The Trawler in all its glory

Trawler 737 loading up with tour passengers on the Pleasure Beach loop
Refurbished Trawler 737 has finally entered service on Illumination Tours, two weeks before the Illuminations are due to finish. With the teething problems hopefully out of the way, 737 made its return to passenger service by operating the 7pm tour from the Pleasure Beach on 21st October.

737 displaying a scrolling advertising message from the trams sponsors
Trawler 737 arriving at the Pleasure Beach to take its place on Illuminations Tour duty
737 showing a flame type pattern scrolling along the side of the tram
737 demonstrating floating balloon type patterns
737 about to leave on its first tour of the illuminations since the LED lighting was fixed
737 heading north from the Pleasure Beach on the 1900 illuminations tour

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