Wednesday 19 October 2016

The Extant Excel

Excel 225 on Poulton Road in Layton, on the service 11 from Grange Park to Lytham on 19th October
After a false last day of operation for the Optare Excels, back in spring 2015, Blackpool Transport are finally down to their last remaining example in passenger service, well over a year after the supposed Excel swansong in May 2015. Optare Excel 225 (T935 EAN) was part of a batch of vehicles purchased from Reading Buses in 2008, and is now the last of its type in operation. 225 was noted in use on service 11 between Grange Park and Lytham on 19th October.


  1. they still use the excel, i saw one two weeks ago, it might be gone now, i saw it on the 11 on market street

    1. Yes, I think somebody else saw it in use about a week ago. I don't think it will last very long though.