Sunday 2 October 2016

2016 Wirral Bus & Tram Show

Liverpool Baby Grand 245 passing the Egerton lift bridge on its way towards Woodside Ferry
The annual Wirral Bus & Tram Show took place on Sunday 2nd October. During the morning there were only two trams in operation, these being Hong Kong built cars 69 and 70, after midday a four car tram service was provided, with open-top Birkenhead 20 and Liverpool Baby Grand 245 joining the two Hong Trams for the rest of the day. As usual the main participants of the event were static displays of preserved buses, with a further selection of buses offering demonstration rides to visitors. The day was blessed with glorious sunshine, and as usual the event was a credit to the organisors, volunteers and visiting vehicle owners.

Hong Kong built tram No 60 crossing over Canning Street near the Egerton lift bridge
Hong Kong built tram No 70 passing the Pacific Road building
1900 Birkenhead Milnes open-top car 20 leaving Woodside Ferry

Crosville open-topper DLG 950, a 1958 Bristol Lodekka LD6G with ECW bodywork
1967 Birkenhead Leyland Titan PD2 No 152 turning out of Shore Road
Liverpool Guy Vixen tower wagon GKD 317, 1953 AEC Regent III A36 and 1957 AEC Regent V A267
1951 Wallasey Leyland Titan PD2/1 No 54 on Canning Street
Mersey ferry Snowdrop painted in a WW1 dazzle camouflage inspired colour scheme

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