Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Trawler runs aground at Fleetwood

The 60 ton trawler Corentine stranded on a sandbank in the main channel to Fleetwood Docks
A 60 ton fishing vessel was sat high and dry on the 'Tiger's Tail' sandbank in the River Wyre at Fleetwood this morning. The trawler 'Corentine' ran aground in the river last night, the skipper was charged with ‘being a master, pilot, or seaman on duty while over the prescribed limit of alcohol'. When the high tide arrived an attempt was made to release the Corentine under her own power, but this was unsuccessful, so the assistance of the 10m fishing vessel 'Nicola Dawn' was called for, but this failed in its attempt to shift the trawler with the aid of a towline. More power was needed, and with the arrival of the tug 'Wyre Surveyor' to assist in the pull, the Corentine was finally towed off into deeper water on the high tide at 13:30. 

The incoming tide beginning to creep up slowly around the trawler Corentine
The Corentine remained stuck firmly on the sandbank as the fishing vessel 'Nicola Dawn' failed to move it
The tug/workboat 'Wyre Surveyor' that is operated by Associated British Ports coming to the rescue
The Wyre Surveyor beginning to release the Corentine from the sandbank
The Wyre Surveyor towing the Corentine into deeper water after being released from the sandbank
The Corentine returning to Fleetwood Docks under her own power after being freed from the sandbank

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