Wednesday 8 June 2016

Copse Road Tram Depot demolished

The former Copse Road tram depot in Fleetwood, with the demolition work beginning from the rear
The historic disused tram depot in Copse Road in Fleetwood is being demolished. The depot was built in 1897 for the Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramroad Company, and finally closed in 1963. The building was latterly used by Fleetwood Car Centre, but unfortunately it would seem that it is no longer required and the demolition crew have moved in. It would be a shame if the original stone depot name plaques were to be lost to posterity, as both of these were still intact at the time of writing.

The front half of the former Copse Road tram depot, which was still relatively intact on 8th June
The former Copse Road tram depot as seen in March 2012
One of the original stone name plaques that was still in situ on 8th June


  1. Hi Alan. As we discussed we would do with several people that were concerned about the plaques we have managed to salvage them in the demolition process. Our original plan was to try and save the building and turn it into a tram museum. Its unfortunate however that it could not be turned into a joint venture with ouselves and get enough financial support required from both enthusiasts and local authorities in order for this to happen. The building was sat empty for a substantial amount of time with limited uses and was falling beyond repair. Coupled with expensive business rates on what had become an unusable building the unfortunate decision had to be made for it to come down. We will be keeping the original 119 year old plaques and have plans to have them set as a feature by where the tram depot once stood. Looking forward, it's important that we as a local employer in Fleetwood make a positive productive use of this space and we will shortly be beginning the next phase of its redevelopment.
    Any questions call us on 01253 770073
    Kind regards, David Evans (Fleetwood Car Centre)

    1. Hi David, Thank you for the comprehensive reply. I appreciate that it is unsustainable keeping empty unproductive industrial buildings due to the problem of business rates (many historic buildings have been lost for this reason). I (and others I am sure) am most grateful that you have managed to salvage the old stone plaques, and I wish your company well with its expansion plans for the new freed up space. Regards, Alan Robson

  2. Thank you very much Alan. I will keep you posted on when we have got the plaques in position.
    Regards, David.