Saturday 18 June 2016

Boating to Starr Gate

Boat 227 was the first departure from Starr Gate, seen at the temporary stop at the Pleasure Beach
The enhanced timetable heritage operations on Saturday June 18th saw the vintage tram fleet operating over the full length of the tramway, from Starr Gate to Fleetwood Ferry. The Heritage Tour trams were timetabled to leave Starr Gate around every 20 minutes, and departed northbound in the following order commencing at 1005, Boat 227, Marton 31, Boat 600, Twin Set 675/685, Centenary 648 and Boat 230.

Boat 600 being walked through the overhead frogs on the approach to the terminus at Starr Gate

Boat 230 passing the glitter ball opposite the Solaris Centre on New South Promenade

Twin Set 675/685 rounding the curve at Starr Gate as Boat 600 is walked through the overhead frogs
Marton Box 31 passing Flexity 010 at the LRT platforms at Starr Gate

Centenary Car 648 rounding the curve just before the terminus at Starr Gate

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