Monday, 23 May 2016

Two Demonstrators in Blackpool

Mercedes Citaro demonstrator BP14 FJZ turning into Market Street on the service 5 to Halfway House
There were an interesting variety of vehicles in use on service 5 in Blackpool today, with two demonstrators being operated alongside the regular Palladium branded Mercedes Citaros. The Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 demonstrator (YX65 RKK) that was in evidence last week was still in use again, in addition to this bus there was a dark grey Mercedes Citaro demonstrator (BP14 FJZ) also operating on the route.

(The photos accompanying this report were all taken on Monday 23rd May)

Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 demonstrator YX65 RKK on service 5 in New Bonny Street
Mercedes Citaro 555 on Central Drive, with the now scaffolding free Blackpool Tower in the background

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