Monday 16 May 2016

Cleveleys Connect 23

Newly repainted Dennis Dart V657 HEC on Pheasant Wood Drive in Thornton on the new service 23
Catch22Bus Ltd began operating their new Cleveleys Connect 23 local bus service on Monday 16th May, between Cleveleys Bus Station and the Pheasant Wood Estate in Thornton. Former Diamond Bus Company Dennis Dart V657 HEC has been repainted into an overall turquoise livery for use on the new route, and is planned to be dedicated for service on the 23.

Dennis Dart V657 HEC on Mayfield Avenue in Thornton, outbound towards Pheasants Wood
Dennis Dart V657 HEC on Pheasant Wood Drive on the new Cleveleys Connect service 23
Dart V657 HEC turning from Mayfield Ave onto Bourne Way, with the Pheasant Wood estate behind

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