Saturday, 28 May 2016

Trams and Towers

Marton Box 31 turning from Pharos St into North Albert St, on the last Heritage Tour of the day to Fleetwood
The Spring Bank Holiday Heritage Tram Tour output on Saturday 28th May was duty A: Boat 230, duty B: Centenary 648, duty C: Twin Set 272/T2, duty D: Boat 600, duty E: Marton Box 31 and duty F: Balloon 715. The day was mostly bright and sunny, although it clouded over for a while around lunchtime. As the scaffolding that has hidden parts of Blackpool Tower for several years was finally removed at the end of March, the opportunity was taken to shoot a selection of Heritage Tram photos with the new clean look Tower as a backdrop.

Boat 230 heading south at Central Pier, with the now scaffolding free Tower in the background
Boat 600 southbound at Central Pier
Balloon 715 at Central Pier on a Heritage Tour running through to Fleetwood
Centenary 648 at Central Pier heading north to the Cabin
Twin Set 272/T2 passing the Carousel Amusements arcade near Central Pier
Marton Box 31 passing the Sealife Centre on its way to the Pleasure Beach

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