Tuesday 21 July 2015

Hong Kong Metrobus on Service 21

Former Hong Kong Metrobus F326 UJN negotiating the roundabout at the Stanley Park end of Mere Road
Catch22Bus Ltd's open-top former Hong Kong Metrobus F326 UJN was noted in use on their Service 21 route to Blackpool Zoo on Tuesday 21st July.

Former Hong Kong Metrobus F326 UJN heading along East Park Drive towards the Tower on Service 21


  1. Shame that the company will cease to exist from the 31st July

    1. I believe the case is being appealed, which means that the company can temporarily continue to trade in the short term.

    2. where did you find out that?

    3. http://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/business/local-business/blackpool-bus-company-faces-seven-year-ban-1-7373323

      A statement from the inspectors’ office said: “Alongside the appeal application, the Traffic Commissioner was asked to consider a stay of her decisions regarding the company, its director Philip Higgs, and transport manager Frank Steele, pending the outcome of any appeal hearing.

      “After considering that request, Mrs Bell decided to stay her decision to revoke the company’s licence and disqualify the company, its director and the transport manager. She did so due to the complexity of the case and the delay in the decision being issued.

      “Accordingly, this means the orders will not now come into effect on July 31, pending the outcome of any appeal hearing.”