Saturday 4 July 2015

Bolton 66 receives new adverts

Bolton 66 showing its new adverts for Stephensons catering supplies, while in use on heritage service at the Tower
Bolton 66 has received some new adverts this week, with blue based advertising for Stephensons catering supplies being applied in the usual location between the decks. Unfortunately small square adverts with Facebook and Twitter logos on have also been positioned on the dash panels on the sides of the tram. These computer age adverts looking totally out of place on a 1901 tramcar, with their internet logos inappropriately emblazoned on both ends of the tram. With 715 and 66 both now carrying modern style adverts, it is to be hoped that the rest of the heritage fleet don't all become covered with advertising, albeit that the extra income is no doubt useful for the upkeep and running of the trams.

Flexity 007 unloading passengers at Central Pier while Bolton 66 passes by on the way to the Pleasure Beach

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