Sunday 21 June 2015

Heritage Trams operate to Starr Gate

Balloons 717 and 715 loading at the temporary heritage tram stop on the main running line at the Pleasure Beach
Sunday 21st June was meant to have been the day that the annual Totally Transport event took place on the South Promenade in Blackpool, unfortunately the event had to be cancelled this year due to financial problems. To coincide with the Totally Transport rally, Blackpool Transport had planned a gold timetable Heritage Tram Tour operating day utilising six trams. In the event it was decided to go ahead with the enhanced heritage tram service, despite the fact that the transport rally was not taking place. As part of the gold timetabled service, temporary heritage tram stops were located at Starr Gate and also on the main running line at the Pleasure Beach, as the loop was not in use for most of the day. A roughly 20 minute tram service was in operation from the temporary Starr Gate terminus, with frequent journeys running through to Fleetwood Ferry. The heritage service was operated by a 100% green and cream tram fleet, using trams 147, 272+T2, 631, 648, 715 & 717.

Brush Car 631 at the temporary Starr Gate heritage stop, before operating the first tour of the day through to Fleetwood
Standard 147 passing Flexity 003 waiting for its departure time at Starr Gate terminus
Twin Set 272+T2 passing the mirror ball on New South Promenade on a heritage service from Starr Gate to Bispham
Centenary 648 departing the Pleasure Beach, with passengers waiting at the temporary northbound heritage stop
Balloon 715 heading south at Anchorsholme with Starr Gate on the blinds, returning from a run to Fleetwood Ferry
Standard 147 heading south along Lord Street on the last heritage tour of the day to operate through to Fleetwood
Brush Cars at the Pleasure Beach, 631 taking a crew break on the loop and 290 sat on its short display track

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