Saturday 27 June 2015

Armed Forces Day

Royal Navy Lynx ZD566 taking off from the Tower Headland before performing a short aerial display routine
To commemorate Armed Forces Day in Blackpool on Saturday 27th June, a replica Spitfire was on display in St. John's Square and a Royal Navy Lynx helicopter was also on display on the Tower Headland. The heritage tram service during the day was handled by Boat cars 230 and 600 due to the pleasant weather. The Royal Navy Westland Lynx on public display next to the Comedy Carpet was ZD566 of 815 Squadron, based at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton in Somerset. Just before 3.45pm the Lynx took off from the Tower Headland and performed a short aerial display between Central Pier and North Pier before departing.

Royal Navy Westland Lynx ZD566 leaving the Tower Headland to perform a short aerial display before departing

A replica RAF Spitfire was on display to the public in St. John's Square during Armed Forces Day

Boat 600 heading south past the Tower

Boat 230 heading south at Coral Island

Boat 230 heading towards North Pier as the Royal Navy Lynx begins its preparations for taking off

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