Wednesday 10 June 2015

Blackpool PD3 on Zoo Bus

Former Blackpool Corporation 1968 Leyland Titan PD3 No 529 awaiting passengers in Adelaide Street West
The new service 21 bus route to Blackpool Zoo is fast becoming a very interesting stage carriage route on which to be able to sample a ride on a variety of preserved heritage buses. After being operated by a London AEC Routemaster and Ribble Bristol RE, this week has seen former Blackpool Corporation 1968 Leyland Titan PD3 No 529 in use on the service. 529 is part of the collection of vehicles owned by the Lancastrian Transport Trust, and looked completely at home operating on its old stamping ground again.

PD3 No 529 crossing over Whitegate Drive at Mere Road, heading back towards Blackpool Tower
Former Blackpool Corporation PD3 No 529 turning from Coronation Street into Hornby Road on the way to the Zoo
PD3 No 529 in New Bonny Street on the way back to the Tower, with Zoo still displayed on the destination blind

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