Thursday 7 May 2015

Widened Balloons on Split Tram Service

While Flexity 004 unloads all its passengers at Manchester Square, Balloon 711 heads off south towards Starr Gate
The area in front of Blackpool Tower has been barriered off this week in order to shoot some scenes for a Hollywood film. The filming has necessitated that the tram service be split in half since 6th May, with the northern half running from North Pier to Fleetwood Ferry and the southern half operating between Manchester Square and Starr Gate. Due to some of the Flexities being out of commission at the moment, the southern section has seen the use of widened Balloons in passenger service, with 711 and 719 having both been utilised so far this week.

Balloon 719 crossing over the points at Foxhall Square before heading south again on the split tram service
Flexity 004 and Balloon 719 sat at the northern terminus of the split tram service at Manchester Square
Balloon 719 heading off south from Manchester Square on the southern half of the split tram service
Balloon 711 heading north from Starr Gate, having replaced 719 in service which had suffered a faulty compressor
Balloon 711 arriving at Starr Gate terminus after the short run from Manchester Square
711 waiting at the platform at Starr Gate after 719 had returned to the depot confines with compressor problems
Balloon 711 reversing over the crossover at Foxhall Square
Balloon 711 laying over at the temporary terminus at Manchester Square

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