Saturday 30 May 2015

Excel Swansong

Optare Excel 224 heading along Talbot Road towards Knott End on the 2C service on 30th May
Blackpool Transport's fleet of Optare Excels saw their last day of normal passenger operations on Saturday 30th May. With the new fleet of Mercedes Citaros due to enter service the following day, the Excels saw their last hours out on the 2, 2C and 17 routes, with all nine of the surviving buses being used, ie 216 and 218 to 225. It is understood that five of the Excels are to have a temporary reprieve until after the planned BTS route changes that are due to come into effect at the end of June.

225, the numerically highest of the Excel survivors, on Market St bound for St Annes on route 17 on its last day of use

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