Monday 4 May 2015

Green & Cream Rules

Balloon 715 showing off its new 1990s style livery as it departs from the southbound heritage stop at North Pier
May bank holiday Monday dawned bright and sunny, and stayed that way for much of the day, the heritage output being dominated by traditional green and cream trams, and very nice they looked too. Trams in use on 4th May were Boats 230 and 600, Balloons 706 and 715, Standard 147 and Box 40, the only non green and cream heritage tram in use during the day. It was nice to see that Balloon 715 had been washed before it entered Heritage Tour service, as on the previous two days it had been getting increasingly filthy due to grime from the roof being washed down the sides of the tram by the persistent rain. As on the previous day several trips were timetabled to run to Fleetwood Ferry, enabling the passengers to enjoy long rides on a variety of heritage trams throughout the day. All in all another very successful weekend (despite the weather), and yet more proof that the mix of professional and volunteer crew appears to be a winning formula on the heritage operation.

Boat 230 heading south at Manchester Square
706 Princess Alice southbound at North Pier with Flexity 016 heading north towards Fleetwood in the background
Balloon 715 bound for Little Bispham passing Box Car 40 at the southbound Heritage Tour stop for North Pier
Boat 230 and Balloon 706 passing each other while on Heritage Tour service at Manchester Square

Balloons 715 and 706 passing each other at the tram stop at Manchester Square
Boat 600 just south of the Tower, heading towards the Pleasure Beach on a morning Heritage Tour
Balloon 715 at Bispham tram station on its way north to Little Bispham
Standard 147 with a group of prospective passengers at the Heritage Tour stop at Bispham
Balloon 715 approaching the southbound Heritage Tour stop at Bispham
706 Princess Alice heading south down Lord Street in Fleetwood on an afternoon Heritage Tour trip to the port
Balloon 715 on the tramroad at Rossall, returning from a heritage run to Fleetwood on bank holiday Monday

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