Monday 30 March 2015

Weekday Heritage

Balloon 717 southbound at the Tower on a sunny but cold and windswept Promenade on Monday 30th March
The first day of the 2015 weekday Heritage Tram Tours saw the temperature only reaching 6 deg C by mid-morning, with a bitingly cold onshore wind, unsurprisingly there were very few people strolling along the Promenade! The advertised Blue timetable was meant to be "Two Heritage Fleet Trams operating a shuttle service", although for the first few trips at least 717 was noted trundling up and down handling the service all by itself, and running virtually empty due to the lack of potential passengers on the cold windswept Promenade.

Balloon 717 northbound at Manchester Square, with the new plastic No Entry bollards visible in the foreground

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