Sunday 22 March 2015

New No Entry bollards at Manchester Square

Flexity 016 passing the newly installed no entry bollards at the Lytham Road tram junction at Manchester Square
The junction of the Lytham Road tram track with the Promenade line has been the scene of several road vehicle incursions onto the Promenade reservation due to the remodelling of the road junction, which now forces cars to follow the trams lines. Until now a set of unsightly temporary plastic barriers have been positioned across the promenade access point for the Lytham Road branch, to prevent cars from driving onto the reserved tram track. This impractical solution has required someone from Rigby Road tram depot to come down and move the barriers out of the way every time a tram wishes to enter or leave the Promenade. A neat fix has now been put into place with the installation of plastic no entry bollards being positioned between and alongside the Lytham Road rails. This solution permits trams to pass through the junction unaided, without the necessity for somebody having to come out from the depot every time to move the temporary barriers.

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